Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Bit Chilly

At last it appears Winter has arrived, it was a balmy -5C at the lakes earlier when i popped up there, the water has a nice cap of ice on it, which is great because it keeps the damned Cormorants off, the only ice free water is a spot about 4ft square where the overflow pipes come in from the lake above it and the splash has so far prevented freeze up, mind you if the cold snap continues, we should have some magnificent icicles from the overflow like we did last year, almost like a  frozen waterfall, but in miniature.

I love going up to the lakes when they are frozen, not only because of it's serene calmness, but it also means i can get a few jobs done without having to work round anglers, who always seem to sit, exactly where i want to get to.

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