Saturday, 7 January 2012

Busy Day

We went to lend a hand today at one of the local conservation groups we are involved with, had a really great time up on top of the downs, we split into two groups when we got to the work area for the day, three of us went on bonfire duty whilst everyone else head a bit down slope and continued treating the scourge of the Downs "Dogwood".

The three of us on fire duty had quite a task on our hands as we had to burn masses of Ash that has been felled by the local Forest School, the Ash is slowly being removed from this area to help regenerate and restore it back to it's former glory as prime chalk grassland. So today we were on burning duty, the fire was a pretty good one at it's peak and the heat off of it was intense, so often the case with Ash, at times with the wind the flames were horizontal and looked and sounded like an afterburner on a jet, still the job is done and it is rewarding to be part of something like this so in future years you can look back and say "i helped do that", oh yes, i also bought back two lovely Ash logs to make bowls from, keep you posted on that.

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