Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Foot Stool

Ive always had a hankering to make a decent foot stool for the lounge, i don't like these mass produced, plastic chip filled things you get at "chavmart" and the like, so i made my own.

The legs are from one piece of Ash that i cleaved into quarters and then cleaned up on the shave horse with my small draw knife, the stretchers are Hazel and i thought id leave the deep bronze bark on as it contrasted so well with the white Ash wood.

The seat covering is 6mm sisal rope and I've woven it in a four under, four over pattern which i think has worked really well, what is deceiving though is the amount of rope in this, in all there is approx 150ft of rope in that seat, I'm just glad i bought 300ft of it to begin with.

The frame is made using tenons and whilst the stretchers are made from dried wood, the legs are from fresh cut timber, meaning that as the Ash slowly dries it will grip the hazel stretchers and form superbly tight joints that wont need glue, I've made a few mistakes along the way, but now I've made them i can learn from that and (hopefully) not make them next time, it's been a pleasurable experience making this and I'm already planning the next one.


  1. Kepis, I think I understand how you made the seat, but why is one side completely wrapped and the other only partially wrapped? Is that because the partially wrapped side is where you started and the completely wrapped side is where you did the over under weaving?

    1. The other way round Tom, the fully wrapped side is the starting point, the partially wrapped side is the under over, because of the thickness and tension on the rope it's impossible to get a complete wrap using the simple under over method, the next one will be fully wrapped on all sides, as i will be aiming for a different style of seat top

    2. I see it now. Thank you! I really like that little stool. it looks great!