Wednesday, 25 January 2012

A Good Rat

The only good Rat, is of course a dead Rat, pictured one i shot earlier today using Accupel's in .22  at 20 yards from my HW97K.

Whilst i detest Rats, i do believe that if you are going to shoot them,  you should always aim to kill with one carefully placed shot, after all the Rat, although disease carrying vermin, are also living creatures and deserve to dispatched with as much reverence as any other quarry. You can see from the picture the entrance hole on it's head, one shot and it never knew what hit it.

It has been suggested we use poison in our quest for Rat control at the lakes, but we are loathe to do it, mainly because we have so many other creatures around, like Shrews & Voles that we don't want to poison, so we elect to have a shoot every so often to keep the Rat numbers down, we will never eradicate them, but we can try &  keep the numbers under control.

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