Thursday, 19 January 2012

Got Wood

You know it's funny what the Postman brings to the door, our Postie is quite used to delivering half a cows worth of leather, sharps etc, but this one had him stumped, not that it's any his business anyway.

So the story behind this is i was posting to a thread on the BCUK forum and the subject of Lime Wood  (Basswood or Linden for those outside of the UK) came up, now where i live it's pretty rare, even the local timber yard didn't have any and the young chap i spoke to down there didn't know what i was talking about anyway, so when i got a PM from another member (you know who you are) offering me a good sized chunk of Lime Wood i leapt at the chance, all i had to do was agree to  a couple of conditions,  which were, 1- i need your address & 2 - you post up a picture of whatever it is you make from it, do you agree? - deal says I.

I already have the block marked out and ready to go, so what am i going to make from it?, well i guess you will just have to wait and see.


  1. I wish I could send you guys over there just 1/1000th of the timber that I see wasted within a mile of my home! You'd be thrilled!

    1. lol, send it over mate.

      It's not that we dont have Lime wood, it's just in my part the country it's a pretty rare tree, but i did plant a load up at the lakes a couple of years ago, but they wont be big enough to use until i reach retirement :-)