Saturday, 21 January 2012

Lime Bowl

Following my earlier post about receiving a good sized piece of Lime from a friend of mine, on the BCUK forum,  today i made a start on my part of the bargain.

I drew out the rough shape of a bowl and got carving, i used a gouge for most of the carving on this particular project rather than my adze as the piece i Lime i have is a limited resource and i wanted to make sure i didn't stuff it up with a wayward swing of the adze.

The Lime was wonderful to carve and in pretty short order i ended up with the bowl pictured, to finish it off, i sanded down the exterior of the bowl, but left the inside of the bowl with tool marks, the best of both worlds i figured, it's also a look i quite like and in the case of this bowl,  it just seemed right, to finish the bowl off, i oiled it with a liberal coat of Walnut oil.

Now what to make with the other half ?


  1. One just like it, but with the tool marks on the OUTSIDE!

    1. you know what, you could well be right on that