Wednesday, 18 January 2012

New Sheaths

I finished a couple of sheath commissions today, both sheaths are of the same popular dangler style, but one is in right hand carry in black with nickel hardware, the other in left hand carry in dark brown and brass hardware.  Both are made from 3 -3.5mm veg tan and are cut, awled, dyed, sewn and finished in their entirety by hand.

The dangler style  sheath enables a range of differing carry styles, either as a dangler sheath, or by removal of the dangler loop the sheath can be transferred to a regular belt sheath or it can be carried as a neck or baldric style carry with the simple addition of some suitable cordage to the integral nickel/brass loop, i still have some work to do on the sheaths to bring them up to the standard I'm happy with, but all being well these will be on their way to their respective new owners on Friday this week. Unfortunately the photograph really doesn't do these sheaths any justice whatsoever.

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