Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Plumb Hatchet

I picked this up about 18 months ago at one of the Woodfairs, if i remember correctly,  i paid about £27.00 for it and a  Marples draw knife and definitely think i got the better end of the deal.

I use this little hatchet all of the time for general carving duties and it works superbly well, i did have to do quite a bit of work on the cutting edge as it was misshapen after years of sharpening by it's previous owner and the bevel rather than being a nice convex, was more akin to a double convex with quite a pronounced shoulder on it between the two faces, but time spent on the water stones has paid dividends as the edge only needs a bit of stropping now and again to bring it back to good and acceptable level of sharpness.

Apart from reshaping the bevel, it's needed no appreciable work at all, other than removing the horrible varnish that had been applied to the helve with some wire wool and then treat the wood with some good coats of linseed oil.  

Ive done a bit of research on these and from what i can ascertain, they are highly sought after these days and fetch a good price on the open market, especially those that have the Scouts emblem on them, this one doesn't have that on the head unfortunately, just the Plumb USA logo.

This little hatchet is definitely one of my favourite tools and one that i just know will give me many years of faithful service, just as it did for it's previous owner


  1. I've got a weakness for hatchets and axes, myself. That's a nice one!