Thursday, 12 January 2012

Poplar Spoon

Made my first spoon of 2012 today, it's made from the crook in a branch which gives it a lovely natural shape and retains the strength in the wood, this spoon will only be used for display because of the knots in it which will harbour bacteria over time. Having worked a bit with poplar now it is quickly becoming one of my favourite carving woods, it's like, well how can i put it, i suppose it's like carving wax, incredibly smooth to work, even the knots which are usually hard to carve are dead easy in Poplar.


  1. A great start to the year for spoon carving. Too bad about the knots. Nice shape and design though for sure.

    1. Thanks Tom, yep shame about the knots especially the one ionth ebowl, still makes for a nice bit of decor around the house