Friday, 13 January 2012

Sycamore Spoons

I spent a few hours today making some Sycamore Spoons, four of these are a commission from a chap down in the West Country, the others are spares/for my and the families use.

These are all still very rough having been carved from wood that was still standing as a tree on Wednesday, so before i can move on to making the finishing cuts, i need to let the wood dry just a tad, to do this, i place them into a zip lock bag to slow down the drying process a tad, but i leave the bag open, so moisture can escape, important as the bag is left in the house, albeit in a cool room, even so the drying process is accelerated and if allowed to dry too quickly the wood can warp and the handle of the spoon can pull over to one side. 

All being well in a few days time i should be able to get these finished, then four will be off in the post and the others, well  they will go into the ever growing pot of spoons i guess. The knife pictured is the one used to carve all of the spoons you see.


  1. Nice. That's a lot of spoons for a few hours work. Do you use that knife for the bowls of the spoons as well?

    1. Cheers mate, i use a Ben Orford large spoon knife for the bowls