Sunday, 8 January 2012

Trip To The Woods

Eldest and i went up to our private woods today to check the damage caused by the recent storms, we were expecting the worst as there are a couple of suspect Oaks here and really did expect to see one or more on their sides, but when we got there we found no damage whatsoever, well not in the part we use for our 'base camp', there was one old Sweet Chestnut down a bit further up the woods, and that really was about it, apart from half a dozen or so sub 2" diameter and less than a foot in length rotten bits that had come down, so once we had the fire going, we decided to do some house work around our camp.

One job was to replace the hazel rods on our table, these have been here for 18 months or so in all weathers and where very much past their best, so we grabbed some lengths of hazel from our hazel pile and cut them to length for a nice new table top, the old rotten ones can be seen underneath along with some off cuts and these ended up on the fire a short while later, we left one rod longer than the rest as a place to hang the bow saws up.

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