Sunday, 12 February 2012

Beater Axe

Im sure a lot of people who read this blog have a beater axe?, it's one of those tools that didn't cost a lot of money and one that you probably don't particularly care for as you should, it gets dragged out for all manner of duties, including ones that it wasn't designed for, basically it's a use and abuse tool.

Mine is no different, my beater axe is made by Amtech, cost me £3.00, it has a fibreglass handle with an awful plasticised rubber grip and you know what?, i really don't care, but this tool is one of my favourites. Despite being a cheap axe and the beatings it's had, from splitting seasoned Oak & Elm, to being dropped on concrete and gravel and, well totally abused basically, this axe still keeps on going, eventually it will fail and when it does, i'll just cut the handle off, blunt the edge down and use it as a splitting wedge and go get another one.


  1. What? You won't re-helve it? That's sacrilege! ;-)

    1. nope, the steel is not that good tbh and by the time this thing fails, it will be cheaper to just go get another rather than spending a whole lot of time and effort making this one good again

  2. Worst case keep the head makes a good wedge. Been toying on picking up a cheapie I saw at harbor freight yep I know gotta do some work on grinding but I get one rather it be wood I just can't warm up to glass ya know?

  3. You know what I have also beater axe have had it around 10 years and I paid zero from it (found from woods). It have taken terrible amount of ruthless beating and severe abuse (like cutting steel wires) and it simply refuses to broke. So slowly I have fallen in love on that crude tool and it´s probably one of my most used axes. And what´s best it have soft steel which is very easy and fast to sharpen with file.

    Trying to put pic of it: