Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Charcoal Burning

During a trip to the woods today, we thought we would try and do a charcoal burn, not in the traditional clamp or kiln, but in a sweetie tin, and what better tin to use on Valentines Days, than a Roses one.

All we did was load the tin up with dead hazel, made a small hole in the lid, put the lid on the tin and put it on the fire, the process is exactly the same as making char cloth, just on a slightly grander scale, but not as grand as a full on clamp.

Once the smoke had stopped  and no gasses were to seen to be igniting from the hole in the lid, we took it off the fire, put some wet earth over the hole to seal the tin and let it cool down for a little while, once it had cooled, we took the lid off and admired our work, a tin of lovely home made charcoal.

We bought some of it home with us, the rest we left up the woods in a sealed container, so we have a source of fuel that will ignite easily should we need it or to be used as part of a water filter system, it was great fun making it and a good skill to have, we are planning on going back up there later in the week and will no doubt have a go at making some more, but perhaps this time we will use some smaller section wood and try making some that would be suitable for drawing with.

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