Monday, 20 February 2012

Coat Rack

Ive been wanting to make a coat rack for the house and the work shop for some time now, as i get fed up with coats and jackets draped over the backs of chairs or lain down on the floor in the house and when I'm down the workshop im always moving my jumper around from one area to another as i get and replace tools.

So today i fixed that particular problem by making a couple of coat racks, the racks are made of pared down Ash that was then smoothed down using a very sharp draw knife,  they have Hazel pegs to accept the jackets and coats and are secured to the board by way of a tenon joint, the ends of the pegs are rounded off on both sides, so coats cant fall off or get snagged on a  square edge, securement is by two counter sunk holes that will accept a couple of small screws.

They work well and will alleviate the need for people to use chair backs as coat hangers, i also made a couple of smaller ones to use as key/tool/spoon/towel rack.


  1. Nice mate! these are great to make, I still have to finish one of for my daughters room.

  2. Cheers Simon, the one you made was the one that gave me the inspiration to get a few of these done.

  3. I like the look of this Kepis mate.
    Supposed I'll have to pop in the workshop and try and fashion one from some odd bits of wood, I'll try and not sand it mate, honest. ha ha.


    1. Cheers mate, btw - get it sanded ;-)