Thursday, 23 February 2012

Foot Stool

Have had a busy day today making some foot stools for stock in preparation for a couple of local shows I'm attending in the coming weeks and months, the one pictured is made from Ash rounds with Hazel stretchers and a woven sisal rope seat.

The Joints between Ash & Hazel are made using tenons and are as normal, not glued, the Ash is fresh cut and will shrink around the seasoned Hazel giving a tight and very secure joint, unlike the stool i made a few weeks back, i elected to leave the bark on the legs on this particular stool, i have to admit, that i much prefer the peeled bark legs.

I'm not entirely happy with the seat, as i cocked up the tension on the rope and it's not as tight as i would like it to be in places, but i figure with use it will settle down and sort itself out, if not, i'll undo it and do it again or perhaps wet it, as being a natural fibre it will shrink a little if it gets wet, i do like the weave pattern however, as it's traditional and surprisingly, didn't take as long as i thought it would, only an hour from start to finish, it took longer to make the frame than to make the seat, what is surprising, is there approx 150ft of rope in that seat.

The other stool i made is currently in the work shop awaiting completion, more on that one tomorrow hopefully, it's a totally different style and indeed shape.


  1. I rather LIKE the bark!

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    1. I used to moderate the comments Gorges but had so many spam messages it was taking up a good chunk of time each day to go through them and sort the wheat from the chaff, which is why i use the anti spam bot verication method - sorry.