Thursday, 9 February 2012

Gransfors Bruks Axe Stone

Ive had this little stone for a number of years now and love it, the stone has two sides a coarse and a fine and as you will see from the photo, it's encased in a rubber housing, the housing is split directly in half so no matter which side of the stone you are using, you have something to get a good grip on, essential when using it with wet hands. 

The stone, according to GBA, can be used wet or dry, but i much prefer to use it wet, of course even though it is sold as an Axe Stone, it's not just limited to sharpening axes, I've used mine on axes, billhooks, draw knives even my belt and pocket knives, and being a nice compact size, it fits snugly in a bag or pack when you are out and about, it's not an item id carry on every trip, but for those extended trips or when you know you will be doing a lot of axe/knife work in the woods and your tools will need to be sharpened, i find it invaluable.

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