Sunday, 5 February 2012

Scandi Sheath

I decided yesterday to make a better sheath up for my neck knife, this one is made from skived down 3mm full veg tan leather that formed wonderfully when wet, i didn't want a show off sheath for this knife, just something simple & functional, but elegant.

The belt loop dangler is removable by simply undoing the leather lacing giving me the option to carry the sheath on my belt or as a neck sheath.

The dangler loop also incorporates a simple antler button, which adds some simple decoration but is also functional as it keeps the looped end of the leather lace in place and gives something to tighten the lace up against when the dangler loop is being used.


  1. Very nice Kepis.
    Love the knife, and you seem to have gotten the hang of scandi-sheaths too. :)
    Well done.


  2. Cheers mate, how is your knife building coming along?

  3. Still trying to scrape up some cash for the blade I want to use. (same as the one I showed you)
    In the meantime I'm working on making a new handle for one I got from a friend that my dog chewed up (the handle, not the friend ;) ).
    I'll send you some pics of it in a day or two. :)

  4. know where you are coming from with the cash, look forward to seeing the photo's of the other one