Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Sea Food Lunch

I enjoyed a lunch today of something ive not had for a long long time, Mussels.

These were bought though rather than foraged, we do have millions of them down on the coast locally to us, but we also have a sewage outfall just up the coast and with Mussels being filter feeders, it's not the worth the risk, nor to be honest, are they that appealing, knowing what they have probably been feeding on, so it's a safer bet, especially at home, to buy farmed Mussels, rather than gather them from the beach, they were incredibly tasty though, just steamed in a pan and then eaten with a pinch of salt and a bit of bread - lovely.

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  1. Ah man now that is heaven on a plate. I have not had a good plate of muscles in years fav way to have it stewed in a good tomato sauce