Saturday, 4 February 2012

Sheath For My Knife

Made myself a sheath to go with the neck knife I've just made for myself, see this post.

Ive made the sheath in the Scandi style as it seem the appropriate thing to do, the sheath itself is made from veg tan leather that has been wet formed around the blade and sewn up with waxed linen thread, I've not dyed the sheath, just sealed it and added a coat of clear wax, i was going to hot wax it, but I've run out of beeswax.


  1. thanks mate, working on a better sheath at the moment, looks way better and will be stronger than the one above

  2. You should be thankful for the talents you've been blessed with, Kepis. That knife is awesome and so is the sheath. Every time I look at your blog posts, I get more and more impressed.


  3. Thanks Stan, im in the process of making abetter sheath at the moment, will hopefully get it finished off today