Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Sub Zero Bimble

Went for a bimble of around 8 miles today with two mates from BCUK, one being Hugo, the other RockMonkey, the temp was just above freezing point, but with the windchill factored it in, it felt like -8.

There was still some snow to be found on the hill tops and a few sheltered places along the route, but you have to be out there in all weathers and all times of the year to truly understand how the landscape works, well i think you do anyway.  Lunch was fresh cooked bacon butties, cooked up under the boughs of an old Yew Tree, they must have been good as the RAF flew over at fairly low level in a Chinook, must have smelt the bacon we reckoned, he's a good cook that Hugo you know.

 Had a great time, lots of chinwag and loads of laughs with some great company - cheers chaps.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the bacon butties Kepis mate.
    At least us two didn't get our fingers burnt. ha ha.



    1. They were delicious mate, i reckon pancakes for the next time we are out?