Friday, 24 February 2012

Triangular Stool

Finished this stool/table/plant stand today, the frame is made from Ash (legs) & Hazel (stretchers & caps), the table top is made from split seasoned Ash, that has then been worked with a draw knife & cabinet scrapers to achieve a smooth finish.

I left gaps between the planks to accentuate the "rustic feel" and also left some of the bark on the edges of the planks, so people could see it was made from timber gathered from the Forest rather than bought from somewhere like B&Q (Home Depot)

I know being round wood with the pith in the legs will most likely crack on the ends, that's exactly the effect I'm hoping to achieve as that will, in my view, just add character to the Stool/Table/Stand.


  1. Nice work. Did you use any special tools to taper the ends and drill the holes?

  2. Thanks Bill, all of the furniture i make is made with traditional hand tools, such as carpenters braces & augers

  3. I like it!

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    1. Word verification is staying Gorges, as i said before, I used to moderate the comments, but I had so many spam messages it was taking up a good chunk of time each day to go through them and sort the wheat from the chaff, which is why i use the anti spam bot verication method - i simply dont have the time to go through all of the spam messages to find the ones from real people - sorry but it wont be changing anytime soon.