Saturday, 11 February 2012

Water Bottle

There was and still is some discussion on one of the boards i follow about water bottles and the ones people use, my favourite bottles are the British Army 58 Pattern bottles, why?, well they are bomb proof basically.

These things are so simple and strong in their construction, there is simply nothing, apart from a rubber seal in the screw top lid that can fail, in fact on You Tube there is a video of a guy driving a Land Rover over one of these bottles and the bottle remains unharmed, now that's a pretty robust piece of equipment, apart from their simplicity, these bottles do of course become part of the Crusader Cook Set, the bottle sits inside the metal cup and a black plastic mug sits over the top of the bottle, I'll do a proper write up on the Crusader at a later date though, rather than extol the virtues of it here.

One thing to be aware of when buying these bottles though, make sure it says "Osprey" on it and has a manufacturing date, if it doesn't say "Osprey", it's a cheap Chinese copy and it's no better than junk.

The other bottles i use on regular basis to back up the Ospreys, are just plain old, simple Squash Bottles, they can be compressed down after use to save space, and weigh next to nothing, in fact rather than put squash in my Osprey bottles, which only ever have plain water in them, I'll put a litre of Lemon or Orange in a small squash bottle instead.


  1. I like this bottle and the Crusader cook set. Unfortunately, here in the US, they are hard to find and very expensive. If I find one at a good price, I'll buy one.