Monday, 13 February 2012

Willow Spoons

I figured it had been too long since i carved some spoons, that and the fact that my green wood pile has been frozen solid recently in the sub zero weather conditions we have been experiencing, so today with everything nicely defrosted, i ended the spoon drought.

Pictured are three of the eight spoons i rough carved from some, now, very wet Weeping Willow, the two smaller spoons are of a regular desert spoon size giving a sense of scale to the larger serving spoon.

At the moment these spoons are only rough carved and i still need to hollow out the bowls, but I'm going to leave that job for a couple of days, so these have a chance to dry out just a little bit, to give an indication of the moisture content in the wood, as i was carving these you could see the water pool in front of the cutting edge on the knife and through capillary action, in some cases two to three inches in front of the cutting edge.

Once dry i can refine the spoons, they have deliberately been left a little thick in places and certainly on the eating spoons, the handles need some work to give them a nice graceful elegance opposed to the scaffold planks they currently represent.

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