Saturday, 10 March 2012

Birch Slice Bowl

Started work on a new bowl yesterday, the blank is fairly large as you can tell from the photo below with the adze for scale, i guess the blank is about 1.5ft long and roughly 10" wide and about 4-6 inches in depth, the blank itself is a diagonal slice from a Birch log.

Ive had this blank hanging around for a while and i was intending to make a small table from it, but i looked at it on Wednesday and thouhgt, naaaah, get the adze out sunshine, so i did, unfortunately, at this stage you cant really see the grain patterns and the bowl depth, but all will become apparent when it's finished and scraped down to a smooth finish, must admit, i love making natural form bowls like this as you really have to work with the materials and if it goes right the effects can be stunning.

Keep you updated on it's progress

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