Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Close Call

I was doing some work on the computer earlier today  and heard what i thought was a load of kids skipping school and mucking around outside, then i heard some Emergency sirens and thought to myself, that's louder than normal!.

It was then i looked out the front of the house and down the road and saw three Fire Pumps just stopping, then i saw the house down the road billowing black smoke, what i had thought were kids, was actually a couple of builders, who have been re roofing one of the neighbours properties, running down the road, they had seen the smoke and got off the roof in record time and belted down the road before the Fire Service were on site and pulled the two elderly occupants of the house clear, it doesn't bear thinking about the consequences if the builders had not been around in all honesty, as until I and the neighbours heard the Fire Engines, we didn't even know there was a problem.

Thankfully nobody has been seriously hurt and the Fire Service had the fire under control very quickly, obviously it goes without saying that the house is a bit of a mess, but as the neighbours and I commented earlier, houses and belongings can be replaced, people cant, and it's at times like this that neighbours who normally don't say anything to each other, all gel together and the community spirit shines through.

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