Monday, 19 March 2012

Knife Of Doom

The Knife of Doom has landed in the UK, it's all down hill from here chaps.

Yup, my good friend Jontok in Norway sent me the knife of doom, why is it called the knife of doom?, well it's surrounded by bad luck and misfortune.

To cut a long story short,  not long after Jon finished it, his dog ate the handle, the day he finished the second variant, he crashed his car, but the day he sent the knife off in the post, his luck changed, i wont go into details but, his luck did change for the better, so he thought he would send his bad luck to me - cheers mate :-).

What Jon does want me to do though is to give the knife a good work out and tell him how it could be improved and once I've finished, i get to mail the bad luck back to him, so I'm going to use the knife for a few weeks make some notes on it and let him know my thoughts on it, im looking forward to using it.


  1. Hey, I just won the lottery too!!!

    Just kidding. :)

    Enjoy the knife.

    1. git :-)

      Will let you know how it goes with it

  2. Whatever you do Kepis mate don't let me touch it whilst we are out for a bimble and carve meet up.
    I have cut stabbed and burnt myself in the last week and cant afford to do it again.
    Apart from that the knife looks a nice colour, for me too much black up front, looks like buffalo horn, nice looking wood and leather.

    Cheers mate..


    1. lol, id best keep the one i made a sheath for then as you would only hurt yourself if you used it ;-)

    2. Let him try it!!! :-):-):-)

      Btw Hugo, it is buffalo horn up front.

    3. okey dokey, will take it to the meet up this weekend