Sunday, 4 March 2012

Nana Pancakes

While we were out in the woods on Friday i made the three of us a bit of a treat for lunch, ok the other two were really guinea pigs, what i made for lunch was Banana Pancakes, i also made some apple and some plain ones as well.

The recipe i used, consisted of only dry ingredients, including flour, dried egg and milk powder,  that i mixed in a small bottle when it was time to cook, saves a lot of space and indeed mess if the lid comes off the bottle, all of the ingredients were mixed and kept in a  zip lock until it was time to use them, then it was just a case of emptying the mix into the bottle adding some water and giving the thing a good shake to get it all mixed up into a smooth batter.

Once mixed i fried off the fruit in the pan then when the sugars were just starting to caramelise, i added just enough mixture to cover the bottom of the pan and let it cook, i didn't flip the pancakes, electing to just let them cook through from one side, then turned in half and served and very tasty they were too.

The bonus with the recipe i use is that you can over wet it to make a batter and make pancakes, or you can form it into a dough and make a cake type bannock that you can add seasonal fruits to for a bit of a sweet treat.

For those that are interested, my recipe is :

  • 8 desert spoons plain flour
  • 4 desert spoons powered milk
  • 2 desert spoons powdered egg
  • 2 level tea spoons baking powder
  • Pinch of salt

The plain flour & baking powder can be substituted by self raising flour if you want, as with many thigsm, there is no and right wrong to do it, if it works for you, it's right.


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