Monday, 26 March 2012

Portable Forge

At the BCUK Sussex meet this past weekend we got to see and if we wanted to, to try a small portable forge that one of the guys had bought along with him.

The forge itself was made from a metal Dog bowl and a Wok, which had been lined with fire cement, the air inlet was an old can and the fan was from an old computer and it worked brilliantly.

Neumo, the guy who built it and bought it along fired it up and using an old putty knife for his raw material, made himself a small froe, which looked just the ticket, you can just see it poking out of the charcoal  in the photo. Once the eye had been formed and everything had cooled down, he went onto whittle a handle for the froe from some Sweet Chestnut and fitted it to the froe, the froe looks perfect in every respect and being small is packable and perfect for the job of splitting small sticks and rounds, so much so, that im going to try and make one myself in the not too distant future, even better is at the next meet, the forge will be there again and we have the opportunity to use it to make strikers, small froes  if we want to - looking forward to it.


  1. Simple and very impressive...what size is the can/air inlet? You have set me to thinking.

    Doc Paul

    1. It's a beer can with the top and bottom cut off, simple but effective