Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Wood Spirit

Just a quickie wood spirit i knocked up this afternoon, I still need to finish his tache and hat off and add some finer detail, but im pretty pleased with the way he turned out.

The carving was done with a piece of Weeping Willow that ive had in the wood pile for some time.

I suppose the actual carving part of making the chap took about 30-40 minutes, excluding quartering and debarking the Willow log in the first place, must say it's been a while since i did a Spirit on a quartered log and it took a little while to remember how to do it, still got there in the end and i still have the other three quarters of the log to use for more Spirits, practice makes perfect.


  1. I'm new to carving and am interested in more information about carving your wood wizards. I was wondering if you had the time to do a tutorial on green wood wizard carving. Thanks.

    1. Im in the process of documenting the carving at the moment, will get a link to the file posted up in the next week or so i guess

    2. I was curious if you were able to put a tutorial together on this yet? My attempts at recreating your work has been disappointing thus far.

    3. Not had time im afraid - sorry

  2. Well I'm looking forward to seeing it whenever you get the time. No rush, enjoy the day. I'll keep trying here across the pond.