Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Woods Made Bow Saw

Took a trip up the woods today with a couple of good mates of mine, we wanted to collect some fallen timber while we were there and during a similar trip last week i had said i would bring a bow saw with me today, well I took a bow saw blade and then got the guys to make a bow saw in the woods from local materials.

The frame is made from green hazel that was heated over a gas burner, normally you would use the heat of a small fire to do it, but where we were fires are not allowed, so over the gas burner it it went, heating the wood makes it more pliable and allows you to bend it without it snapping, once it had been bent to shape we knocked the blade into a coupler of small splits we had made with a knife, the splits were stopped from running by tying some baler twine we had found in the woods around the stick just above the blade.

Did the saw work?, well yes it did and very well too as you can see from the size of the Ash log that the saw is being used to cut, best bit about this saw is, you only need to take a saw blade with you, thereby limiting the weight and bulk of carrying a buck or bow saw with you on trips,  and what is really great is when it's time to move on, you can either carry your completed saw with you or take it apart and make a new one at the next destination, as the well used old saying goes - Knowledge Weighs Nothing,

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