Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Alcohol Stove

Was messing around a bit earlier and decided to make myself a new alcohol stove to go in a lightweight brew kit I've been messing around with.

The stove is made from an old aluminium deodorant can, that I've cut into three, the bottom of the can is the base and the neck section of the can is pushed down inside the base to create a double wall burner, and yes, i made a boo boo and pushed it in too far - oops, still it hasn't cost me anything really has it and it doesn't effect the way the stove works?.

As i pushed the inside down too far, I've restricted myself on the amount of fuel the stove can take, but that is not a bad thing, as I'm only going to be using a small metal mug with this burner for making the odd brew and a 1/2 oz of fuel brings a cup of water to a rolling boil, albeit under perfect wind free conditions inside the house, even when used outside without a wind shield or a lid, the water gets to a temperature where you can just about stand the heat if you dip a finger in the water, so with a shield and lid it should be fine, and as anyone who knows me knows, i tend to let my tea and coffee go cold before i remember to drink it anyway.

You may notice that i don't have many jet holes around the outside, this is for one very good reason, i don't have a small enough drill, so i figured as the holes are bigger, I'll have less of them, in reality the area covered by the holes is probably the same as comparable stoves with more, but smaller jets, even so the holes are around 1mm in diameter and the stove works really well.

Now all i need is another empty anti pong can so i can make another stove, and remember not to push the insert down inside too far so it will hold more fuel and instead of using a drill to make the holes, I'll use a needle instead, so i get smaller jet holes around the outside of the stove.

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