Thursday, 12 April 2012

Bag / Pot Rack

While we were up the woods the other day, we made a little something that i have been meaning to do for ages, which was to make a bag rack to keep our ruck sacks up out of the mud and to make getting things out/putting things away a little easier.

All we did was to auger four one inch holes along the fallen Oak that is central to our camp, into these hole we inserted some pieces of Hazel and then cut the ends off at an angle.

We put four pegs in, that way all three of us has a peg to use and we have one spare, we can also utilise the pegs if we are staying there for a few nights, as we can use it as a central place to hang pots and pans and keep them off the ground and out of harms way when they are not in use, next time we go up there, I'm going to take the auger with me again and add a few more pegs i think.


  1. Very Nice! I can't wait to get the augers I just picked up sharpened and back in to service.

  2. Since I hunt from a tree stand often, I carry some hooks in my pack that screw into the tree and let me hang my pack and stuff. It's quick and convenient, but it's not bushcraft. Augering a hole and making a peg is a good exercise. I need to look around for a small, lightweight bit that I can pack with me. I'm thinking maybe a spoon bit, but might use an auger bit. It shouldn't be too hard to rig a tee handle.