Friday, 13 April 2012

Birch Burl Bowl Pt 2

Following this post where i wrote about being gifted a magnificent Birch Burl by my good mate Hugo, well, yesterday, eventually saw me with enough spare time to make some further progress with it.

So, i grabbed the Adze and started hollowing out, i had got a good way in, when it started spitting with rain, so i put the tools away and it was just as well i did, as about five minutes after i stopped, it threw it down, then as quickly as it started, it stopped and the sun came out again, by this time i was entrenched in the workshop and was slowly surrounding myself in an ever growing pile of wood shavings.

Ive taken the bowl down to a wall thickness of about 3/4" and I'm now waiting for it to dry out a bit before i move on to reducing the wall thickness to the final size, that's about it for now, more on this project as it happens.

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