Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Bow Drill Bows

I made myself two new bow drill bows today whilst i was up the woods, i necessarily need them, but it's always nice to have a few in reserve.

The two pictured are made from the same Hazel branch but offer totally different styles, one being a straight bow where i have thinned the wood down, the other utilises the natural curve of the Hazel, which i will use as a handle, as you can see they have been debarked and when I've carved them a little more at home, I'll put them in the boot of the car to dry out, i might reduce the thickness of the curved one slightly as it's a bit thick in places, but i shall retain the natural shape of it.


  1. Excellent work. I think it is important to put a bit of work into the bow. Its the one peice of the set that lasts and dosnt get consumed.

    1. I agree, the bow is often the most over looked part of the set, mind you my all time favourite bow, is just a bent piece of hazel that ive used for years.