Saturday, 14 April 2012

Bow Drill Sets

Ive enjoyed a busy day making Bow Drill sets today, these are destined for use in a  couple of classes I'm hosting in the near future and for two events where I have been booked to demonstrate "primitive" fire lighting techniques.

For classes, i normally have the customers make their own sets directly from materials we find in the woods, with the exception of cordage, but as the classes I'm doing are only half day jobs, there is not really enough time, especially with a group, to make the sets and get everyone spinning that spindle in three to four hours, so what i like to do, is to make a basic set, with no notch or spindle depression, essentially, i have taken out the "locate and fully prep" section of the course, but have still left in enough prep for the customers to do, so they appreciate the work involved and importantly, still gain the knowledge as they still have to burn in their sets etc.

The picture shows about half of the sets i have prepared, all of the sets (hearths & drills) are made from Sycamore & Hazel.

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