Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Lightweight Cook / Brew Kit

I decided to make myself a new lightweight cook kit for those times where you perhaps want the option of a hot drink, but don't want to be carrying a whole load of stuff around with you ie my Crusader kit, i figured you will have a bottle of water with you for a cool drink, so this adds on quite nicely and gives an option for a hot drink. So i had a dig around in the box of bits/unused gear and made myself a new brew kit.

The kit comprises a  a beer can stove, 2 oz bottle of alcohol (gives four to five brews), pot stand from a piece of old aviary wire, wind shield from a foil baking tin, piece of old bed sheet as a pot grip/wipe, folding plastic mug & an old metal cup that cost me about a quid if i remember right, not shown - lid for the metal cup that i made from the top of a can of Tuna.

All of this fit's in the metal cup, with the exception of the pot stand which goes around the cup which in turn gets stowed in a draw top bag that is made from a recycled nylon sheet, the total weight of the kit, including a full 2oz bottle of fuel but excluding water is 9.6 oz or 271g, so pretty light.

So having made it, it was time to use it, i picked myself a load of Dandelion flowers and made some Dandelion Flower tea, placed some water in the cup, added just enough fuel to cover the convex section of the bottom of the stove, lit her up and four to five minutes later, i have a boil going, i used the cloth to filter out the Dandelion bits and tasted the tea, what did it taste like?, well absolute piss actually, it was bloody horrible.

It's not a bad little kit and I'm pretty pleased with the way it has worked out, i can replace the beer can stove and pot stand with the stove i made the other day if i want to, which would shave off another ounce or so i guess. 

A basic cook/brew kit made from, well, junk basically, the essence of Bushcraft i feel?.


  1. I like it. I've got one similar to it. Remind me not to make Dandelion tea.

    1. the tea is pretty rank, think i'll stick to eating the plant rather than making a brew from it, saying that, Dandelion root coffee is pretty good