Sunday, 8 April 2012

My Old Tent

I got my old ridge tent out of the loft the other day with the intention of turning the fly sheet into a light weight closed end tarp for use with my hammock, however, it's in far too good a condition to even consider doing that, as well as it being collared by youngest as his new tent, it doesn't matter that the tent is older than he is, he likes it, therefore he can use it if he wants to.

Considering the age of this tent it is in remarkably good condition, all or the parts are there including the spacers for the ridge pole and it even has a surplus of tent pegs to boot.

The tent itself is an old Lichfield Combat 1, it's a one man tent and it really doesn't take that long to put it up, youngest had a practice in the garden yesterday and from start to finish it probably took him 5-10 minutes to get it up and get properly pegged out, youngest wants to use the tent this week when we disappear up the woods for a few days, keep you posted on how it fares.

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  1. I have what I believe is the same model tent, well over 20 years old now. Just the flysheet and a handful of pegs, with a pair of walking poles, are enough to make a decent overnight shelter. It packs smaller than a coat (excluding the poles, which if I'm hiking I'm carrying anyway).

    I've camped in it a few times with nothing worse than damp feet one time the wind blew a bit of rain in. Even without the ridge pole, it's far sturdier than a lot of bigger tents because of its low profile.