Monday, 2 April 2012

Response Pack

Ive had this little Response Pack for a number of years now and never really used it, i got it when there was quite a bit of hype about the Snugpak version, but being tight, i refused to pay what Snupak wanted, but did find a supplier of a "clone" that, looking at genuine Snugpak ones, seems, at least to me, to be more or less identical, with the obvious exception of the embroidered Snugpak logo on the front, oh yes, i removed the zip pulls and replaced them with cord myself.

So, having bought this thing, i never really found a use for it, I'm not into survival kits or bug out bags, never have been, it's not big enough for some uses, ie cook kit bag, day pack etc, but on the flip side, it's too big for other uses.

It seems a shame to let this little bag go to waste, so come on give me some ideas as to what i could use it for?, as it seems a shame to keep it locked away in the cupboard.


  1. To my untrained eye, it looks like a camera bag.

    1. Could certainly be used for that Bill, good thinking, didnt even occur to me.

  2. All the small bits and bobs when you go camping.
    I use a finnish respirator bag full of smaller kits for washing, brews, repairs,fires, meds, first aid, with gloves, buff, spare hat and socks etc if too warm during the day to wear.
    That way it can go in or on a day bag, or main rucksack for longer trips. The response pack is a tad smaller, but you could leave out the clothing. Your pack could also be used for sharps when in a town so that there not on your belt.