Thursday, 5 April 2012

Whimble Set

Enjoyed a grand day out at Portsmouth Naval Dockyard today with the family, although, it comes to something when you see tools you use on a fairly regular basis making a centre piece in a museum exhibit, these bits were in the Dock Yard Apprentice display.

I have a set just like these, minus the brace, that i use all of the time, still id rather be using them for the job they were designed for, than looking at them in a display case

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  1. My Mom has a brace that looks identical to that. I think it has "Sheffield" markings. My Dad always told us that it had been in his family for generations. The first Kittrell to cross the pond was Dutton (Catherall)Kittrell who picked the wrong side in the Stuart Uprising and had to get out of England. He ended up in Maryland in 1688 after spending some time in France and Ireland. I always wondered if he brought that brace over with him. By the way, once the Kittrell line got established over here, we spread like locusts which is why I'm here to this very day.