Thursday, 3 May 2012

Alcohol Stove

Made myself a new alcohol stove yesterday, this is of the side burner type, rather than the pop can stoves i normally make.

I made a similar one to this a couple of weeks back for my lightweight brew kit and I've been itching to make another, albeit, larger one, for those times when I'm using a small billy when out and about.

This one is made from a Aluminium beer bottle and works really well, the neck of the bottle is inserted inside the stove and forms the wall between the inner and outer sections of the stove, I've drilled twenty 1mm holes at 1cm intervals around the circumference of the stove and when a pot is placed on the top the jets hit the bottom of the pot perfectly. 

Ive not done any boil or burn times on this and probably never will, I'm out there to enjoy myself and if my water takes ten minutes to boil, so be it, I'm in no rush.

As long as it gives me a long enough burn to boil up a billy of water so i can have a brew and something to eat, well,  that's good enough for me in all honesty.

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