Thursday, 24 May 2012

Ash Bark Container

Following some discussion on the forums about bark containers, i though it was about time i made another Ash Bark container, so whilst i was out and about with Hugo & RockMonkey yesterday, I collected some bark from a fairly large diameter Ash tree, when i got home i put the bark in water to stop it drying out until i was ready to use it

This afternoon when i got home from the lakes i scored an ellipse on the mid point of the bark and carefully folded the sides up and then stitched the sides using garden twine, as i dont have any other suitable cordage - yet, i have left the score line fairly narrow on this one as i wanted to retain as much of the outer bark as possible, the big problem with doing this with Ash bark is brittle and can split if you are not careful when bending the sides up, normally, i score the bend line and then scrape away the outer bark about half and inch each side of the line as this makes the bark more mailable.

While the bark dries off a tad, i have a tin of baked beans in the neck of the container so it will retain it's shape.

At some point in the next  few days or so i will add a rim of Hazel to the neck of the container for strength, once done i will go over all of the joins and folds with pine pitch to seal it all up and make it look pretty, have to admit, ive quite enjoyed making this as ive not made a bark basket/container for what feels like ages.

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