Friday, 18 May 2012

Bamboo Flute

About a week a go  i was lucky enough to get a whole mass of large section, fresh cut Bamboo, this ranges in size from pieces that are 1cm in diameter to other pieces that are 4-5 cm in diameter. We will use a lot of the longer pieces (around 4-5ft in length), as well as some of the smaller section stuff in the garden as plant supports.

This does however mean a good pile of Bamboo that is of a large diameter and in lengths of 2-3ft is left over, so the question begs, what can you make from it?, well as per all things bushy the choices are limited only by your imagination.

This morning for instance saw me making a couple of match boxes from Bamboo tube, but the real job today was to make a flute, now there are a lot of tutorials on the internet and they make this look ever so easy, let me tell you,  it's not as easy as places like "Instructables" say it is.  

So a couple of failed attempts later, i ended up with the flute pictured, it is by no means pretty or in tune, not that i would know what in tune was anyway, but when you blow into it, it does make a pleasant noise and as you place your fingers on the holes, the note changes, not by much, but it does change tone, so i guess that's a bit of success.  This is not a project im going to repeating too often as im not musical, but having the right materials on hand, did spur me on to try it and at the same time, learn a new skill.

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