Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Bow Drill Practice

Yeah, i know, like i need it, but i thought id do a bit of practice and knock some embers out, in the end i made six embers in six attempts, the burn bottom right had two embers from it.

The set itself is made from Sycamore in its entirety, which is probably one of the easiest sets to make an ember with, the shortest time from first spin of the drill to ember today was about 20 seconds and the longest about 35 seconds, obviously this excludes the initial burn in and cutting the notch. I didn't take any of the embers to flame today as one of my neighbours had their washing out and they are good people, so I'm not going to upset them by sending billowing smoke over the laundry, purely because of my selfish need to make a fire, time to practice the hand drill tomorrow, as I've not done that for a few weeks.

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