Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dehydrated Breakfast

One of the things we like to do with our left over food, especially those meals that are rice or pasta based, is to place them in our dehydrator and save them for later when we are out and about on the tail or up in the woods, for a start it's cheaper than buying commercial dehydrated meals and the thing i really like, is you know exactly what is in it, for a start it's not full of salt like a lot of commercial meals are.

Just now and again though, i also like to experiment with the dehydrator, it's great for making jerky, as you would expect, and superb for making things like fruit leather, one of my long term experiments though, has been a dehydrated breakfast of scrambled egg, mushrooms & ham.

I made this breakfast a year ago, and yesterday, it was time to see if it was any good, opening the zip lock bag it had been kept in didn't surprise us with horrible smells of egg that had gone off, in fact, there was little or no smell, so into a pan it went and it was then covered with water and bought to a boil, as the food absorbed water, i just topped up with enough to cover it again and kept it on a low heat.

With the egg slowly rehydrating in the pan it started to let off a smell, but not a rank one, all you could smell was, well, the smell of good food cooking basically, it smelt great and you could see the egg, mushroom and ham slowly start to take the water in, but, isn't there always a but?, for whatever reason the egg never fully re hydrated, the outer surfaces of the "egg clusters" were light and fluffy, but the middle was still as hard as rock, even after leaving the mix to steep in hot water for an hour, it never fully recovered, the mushrooms and ham did, and were still edible and tasty, the egg though, no where near.

So the conclusion from my experiment, was it a fail?, no not at all, we learnt you can dehydrate scrambled egg and leave it for a year in a regular zip lock bag, but if you do, it's never going to rehydrate if it's left in big pieces, so the next step is to make some more scrambled egg, but before dehydrating it, run it through a coarse cut on a blender to make the pieces smaller and therefore more likely to rehydrate when you want to eat it, I'm also going to try making my own powdered egg, in the dehydrator of course, ok, you could just take commercial powdered egg with you when out and about on a trip, it's just not the same though.

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