Wednesday, 16 May 2012


A little while back i made a post about some Erbswurst a friend of mine in Germany had sent over, well today whilst out on a bimble i actually remembered to make some up for lunch and very tasty it is too.

It's basically a Pea & Ham soup in a dehydrated form, it comes as a huge, well, pellet of soup basically, that you the rehydrate, this stuff has the most amazing smell and taste of smoky bacon, but, isn't there always a but?, for my own tastes it is way to salty, not all is lost though, so i added a packet of Cous Cous to it and that took a lot of the saltiness out of it and made for a more palatable meal


  1. That same stuff was used by the Royal Navy back as far as the Napoleonic wars, and probably before. They called it "Portable Soup" back then.

    1. Thanks for the info, was unaware of that, all the references i could find pointed to the Franco/Prussion war, mind you i only searched for it under it's German name, i'll go and Google Portable Soup and see what comes up.

      Thanks again for the info.