Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fire Stick Bag

When i went to get my hand drill bag earlier, i looked at it and thought to myself "that looks a bit, well, crap really", all it was, was an old laundry bag that fell into my suitcase at one of the various hotels i used to stay at when i doing a lot of travelling for work, and it was, well, not the best looking bag, so having a spare hour or so this afternoon, i grabbed some Pig Leather and made myself a proper Fire Stick Bag.

The bag is approx 7 inches wide by 20 inches long, the top of the bag has been rolled down and stitched in place for strength and has the raw edge crimped off to make it look pretty, the bottom of the bag has leather tassells sewn into the hem, purely to take the blandness away and add some decoration.

Since the above photo was taken,  i have added a leather thong wrapped closure to the top of the bag, this allows the easy securement of the bags contents and keeps everything in keeping with the simple styling of the bag.

The bag itself as mentioned above is made from Pig Leather and has been lock stitched throughout, the end of the bag where the tassells are located has been given an extra line of stitching for strength.

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