Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hand Drill

I really wanted to practice the hand drill this weekend, but I'm afraid the weather has rather put paid to that, it's a little damp out there at the moment to say the least, and whilst the hand drill is certainly possible in the damp, it's just plan hard work and the hand drill is hard enough to do in the first place. 

So i figured i would read up on a few notes that i made and look at some of the photo's i took of my initial journey to get that elusive first ember with the hand drill instead, hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and it will allow me to get outside and spin a few embers out. The ember pictured is one i made last year with a Willow hearth (i think) and an Elder drill, not the easiest combination for sure, but it works.


  1. Oh the hand drill is a slippery slope into addiction to this method. I know you can do it already and I would be really interested to read any notes on technique you have made mate.

    1. your more than welcome to have a read, if you can understand my scribble?