Monday, 14 May 2012

More Alcohol Stoves....

Most of us know how to make these and have probably had a play with them at some point in time, but at the moment im on a real Alcohol stove kick as ive been trying to build a lightweight brew kit to use whilst out on bimbles.

So having had my day outside scuppered by the rain, i made a couple of pop can stoves, i was also lucky that the shop (Asda) had some cans in a lovely striped Orange Peel colour - just the job.

Each stove is made from the a couple of base sections, there is a wall inside that is cut from the side wall of the can and a series of holes drilled at regular intervals around the top of the tin, usefully, the paint job on the tin, also helps with the spacing of the holes.

Once made, i put in just enough fuel to cover the convex inner section and lit them up, they bloom surprisingly quickly, this style of burner also boils a cup of water pretty quickly as well.
I prefer this style over the typical penny stove, as it doesn't need a separate priming pan and i feel it is safer, sure, it also burns fuel quicker, but as im only going to use it/them as part of a lightweight kit to boil water in for a brew or to rehydrate some food, it fits the bill perfectly, my whole brew kit, including a small bottle of fuel (enough for four 3/4 pint brews) but excluding water, weights 8oz.
Pictured right are a few of the others ive made recently in order to try and find a style & size i like the most, from top burners that need a pot stand to side burners that don't.

Im still undecided as to which one i like the most, each has it's own merits, perfect excuse to keep playing i guess.


  1. How tall are you making your stoves?

    I'm planing on making a few penny stoves soon but I'm undecided on the height.

    1. The ones with the orange paint scheme are 1 1/4" (3.5cm) high, the side burners are a little taller, as i work to the ratio of just shorter in height than the bottom of the bottle is wide

  2. Whats your brew kit comprise of exactly? If you don't mind me asking.

    Basically I'm nosey and looking for idea's ;o)

    1. here you go, it's a little lighter now it was in the post linked to above, as i removed the folding cup i was using in the kit.