Thursday, 31 May 2012

Sheath For Jontok Puukko

Today i eventually got round to figuring out a sheath for the knife my mate Jontok in Norway sent me, i was going to undertake a fresh build and had a scandi style sheath in mind, but then i figured, why not combine Norwegian & British, so i have a Norwegian knife in a British style sheath, the best of both worlds.

The sheath pictured i originally made for a Turley Blackwater River knife that Iz Turley sent me, but having used the knife a bit, it fell out of favour, as i found the blade shape to be too limiting for fine work, it makes a fine camp knife, but for me, it's not an every day user, so the knife was put away and only comes out to play when when i need to use a knife for camp duties, since the knife went away, the sheath has been in storage and waiting for a quality blade to be put back in it, and the Jontok knife is that tool and fits the bill perfectly.

The knife slid into the sheath like it had been custom made for it, it's a perfect fit, the sheath was made as a one off  with carving and tooling, something a bit different to the norm and now it's made some handsome new clothes for a handsome knife

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