Saturday, 12 May 2012

Sponsored walk

In July of this year, I and a host of others, including some disabled people, will be undertaking a sponsored walk in aid of Help For Heroes.

The walk, which is just over ten miles in length, has been organised in it's entirety by eldest, last year he managed to raise just over £1000.00 pounds for this more than worthy cause on just the one sponsored event, in addition to this he also arranged street sales of H4H products in a couple of the local town centres and also attended a number of local shows and events to help promote the vital work H4H undertake, all of this has been done free of charge by him, he doesn't even claim back things like travel expenses, as he is entitled to do.

Whilst we appreciate that times are tough and getting tougher for everyone, many of us do not face the daily struggle, that many of these boys & girls and their families do, because of the injuries they sustained whilst on active service in defence of our Country and our freedoms.

If you can help support eldest in his cause and can find your way to sponsoring him, even if it is just a few pounds, please click the link under the banner above and follow the on screen instructions.

I, eldest, the families, and the injured service personnel your sponsorship will help, thank you for your support.

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